What is “Word of Life”?

I was recently asked about our association with a church that had “Word of Life” in its title. Churches, denominations, organizations, and movements that use the phrase “Word of Life” are most oftenquoting scripture. It comes from Phil. 2:16 that talks about “…holding fast to the word of life…” The organization that I work for, also called ‘Word of Life,’ strives to do just that. But we are not a church, denomination, or movement. We are a non-denominational para-church ministry. Elsbeth​ and I work in ‘Local Church Ministries’ that strives to help churches develop their youth programs (much like what Awana does). Even though many staff and missionaries are or were ordained pastors, those ordinations do not always come from the same denomination (many missions agencies are that way). We do, however, have our own statement of faith and are our own unified entity. The differences between us and other organizations, churches, etc… can be dramatic (like comparing Capitol Hills Baptist Church in DC to Westboro Baptist Church because they both use the title “baptist”). If you’d like to learn more about us and the many other exciting ministries Word of Life does around the world, Click Here.

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