Help, God! I’m Being Oppressed!

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During my early years in Korea, I was told not to drink the water from the tap. I decided to play it safe. When I lived in the education building at my church, I spent months walking out my apartment door to the water dispenser in the hall whenever I needed a drink or had a pot to fill. One day I walked out and the jug was missing. No one else was supposed to be Continue reading “Help, God! I’m Being Oppressed!”

Who Should I Support?

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I recently ran across an article that listed out countries “where missions efforts should (or shouldn’t) be concentrated.” I was tempted to post the full list, for sake of discussion, but I feel like doing so would sidetrack a greater issue. True, it would read well. It would shock you to see Continue reading “Who Should I Support?”

Crockpot Car

Crockpot Car

A big, blue, van-shaped slow cooker. That is my view of our vehicle as we live during this season. We have been missionaries raising support now for almost two years. Over 400 of those days we have been living with family and friends or traveling. That is hundred of hours and thousands of miles on the road in our “crock pot of sanctification.”

Pile in two sleep deprived adults, one potty training three year old, one constantly hungry twenty-two month old, and a Continue reading “Crockpot Car”

Changing the Filter

We are on the road again!  Jeremy is in the driver’s seat, I’m the “nagivator” and the three little dwarves are Sleepy, Grumpy and Happy by turns!


We are thankful for the chance to travel again.  Our purpose is to see our support team grow and to deepen our friendships with those who already are part of the “family.”  God has proved Himself faithful to provide for our needs.  He confirms His calling over and over as we simply respond to His leading.

I thought I would share a few thoughts from my Mama’s perspective on this season of life.  The most common response to our traveling for support raising is “I don’t know how you do it with three little ones” or some variation on that phrase.  Here is the inside secret: Continue reading “Changing the Filter”

The Tent Life


A tent is just utilitarian fabric, stretched taut around a simple frame.  It’s purpose is to shelter in the most basic way.  It is not really my ideal of a home.  A vacation in the mountains, yes, I could embrace the tent in that picture for a short time.  And you better believe I would Continue reading “The Tent Life”