What Our Ministry in Korea Will Look Like

It is important for us to be able to build relationships and communicate effectively, so we will devote the first couple of years in Korea to learning the basics of the Korean language. We want to better understand society, thought, and culture so that we can clearly point people to Christ.

As Local Church Ministries missionaries with Word of Life, we will connect with local church pastors and lay leaders, helping facilitate healthy church growth by providing the training and resources necessary for viable youth ministries. Through camps, Bible Clubs, and other evangelistic opportunities, we will be able to plug new believers into healthy churches. As people come to know the Lord, the ministries of these local churches will aid in discipleship.

Please pray for South Korea, a country with the highest rates of suicide in the world and where the fastest growing religion is unbelief. Please pray for North Korea, a country dominated by the largest personality cult in the world, where it is a crime to practice Christianity. And pray for the eventual unity of these two countries, that they be grounded in a good foundation that transcends the trends of current society.