Crockpot Car

Crockpot Car

A big, blue, van-shaped slow cooker. That is my view of our vehicle as we live during this season. We have been missionaries raising support now for almost two years. Over 400 of those days we have been living with family and friends or traveling. That is hundred of hours and thousands of miles on the road in our “crock pot of sanctification.”

Pile in two sleep deprived adults, one potty training three year old, one constantly hungry twenty-two month old, and a Continue reading “Crockpot Car”

The Tent Life


A tent is just utilitarian fabric, stretched taut around a simple frame.  It’s purpose is to shelter in the most basic way.  It is not really my ideal of a home.  A vacation in the mountains, yes, I could embrace the tent in that picture for a short time.  And you better believe I would Continue reading “The Tent Life”